Red flags to watch for when hiring a contractor to build a home or business

| Mar 21, 2017 | Firm News

Once you have made the decision to invest your hard-earned money in a property for your business or a home for your family, you deserve to know that your contractor is going to put his or her total effort into the project. No matter how many jobs he or she is currently doing, your project should be treated as important as the rest. Unfortunately, not all contractors hold themselves to high standards, and there are red flags you should watch for when choosing one to build for you.

Lack of communication

Typically, a job will start with a contractor giving you a bid that spells out exactly how much the project will cost and where the specific amounts will go. Once your contractor has given you a bid, it is up to you to directly communicate that he or she has been hired. If you find he or she does not call you back or it is difficult to find a way to speak to him or her, recognize that this behavior may carry well into the project. If you have a problem and no way to get in touch with the person at fault, you may end up paying money for services and materials you do not actually get.

If you have already hired the contractor and are frustrated with the lack of communication, document your efforts to reach him or her, whether it be through email, phone or text. Send letters certified with a direct explanation of the problems you are dealing with.

Strange working hours

Most contractors are up early and work throughout the day to get jobs done. If your contractor is nowhere to be found at 2 PM on a Monday or does not seem to keep regular hours, it can be frustrating to see little to no progress on your project. While contractors will set their own hours, when they keep them is a sign of professionalism. If your contractor is not working during normal hours, ask him or her for specific times he or she plans to be there.

Alcohol or drugs on the job

If you hire someone to build your home or business, you should be able to trust that he or she will respect your property and the responsibilities of the job. If the contractor is drinking or doing drugs on the job, you may have a problem. This can lead to safety issues once the work is completed if the contractor is impaired at any time. If you notice any type of substance abuse by your contractor, contact the company immediately.

How to approach red flags

Despite your best efforts to communicate and discuss any problems you have with your contractor, it can often be difficult to get things settled in a way that you are happy with. When you are facing issues with a contractor, you may benefit from seeking an attorney’s advice and opinion about how to move forward.

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