Avoid a dispute over your estate ahead of time

| Dec 26, 2017 | blog, Firm News

You take pride in the sense of closeness your family has with each other. There is little drama during holidays and family get-togethers, and you have no real reason to believe there would be a major rift in your family. Why worry that your loved ones would fight over your possessions after you pass away? This is a possibility that you and other Ohio residents should consider, however. You would want to take measures to prevent a will contest or a dispute over your possessions among your family members after your death, no matter how minor the argument might be.

You have probably seen it before – the stress of handling funeral arrangements and the pain of losing a beloved family member can bring out the worst in people. They might be so upset that they become unreasonable in claiming heirlooms to remember the deceased by. A family member who cared for elderly parents before their death might feel entitled to receiving a greater share of the inheritance. For any number of reasons, relatives who otherwise get along might become emotional and combative over the distribution of assets. How can you help your loved ones keep the peace after your death? The following tips might help:

  •        Make a list of the valuables your loved ones might want, and during a family get-together when everyone is under the same roof, ask for their input.
  •        Talk to your heirs about your will, as well as your reasons for dividing the property as you did. For example, you might leave a little more to relatives who are caring for you when you cannot care for yourself, or for someone who agrees to take your pets if you die before they do.
  •        If you have specific wishes in case you become incapacitated, discuss them with your relatives and make sure they understand what you want.
  •        Calmly and respectfully discuss any questions or concerns your loved ones might have.

It may seem difficult to bring up these issues, but the chances are likely that you will begin an important and positive discussion. More importantly, being open and thorough with your family members now may prevent arguments and resentment in the future.

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