Commuters should be aware of these 3 road risks

| Sep 12, 2018 | Firm News

Commuting to and from work every day is an exhausting process. Whether your commute takes 30 minutes or three hours, you face a number of risks that other drivers might not, so it is important to be aware and cautious. You do not want your morning commute to turn into a morning collision, but that is exactly what happens to drivers who are inattentive—though sometimes caution cannot prevent a crash.

Still, if you are commuting, you should do everything in your power to drive safely to minimize the risk of collision. Consider the following three risks on the road that a commuter may be particularly susceptible to.

1. Construction zones

According to the Federal Highway Administration, 85 percent of deaths that occur in construction zones are actually caused by car accidents. You may not think that a construction zone could be fatal, but too often, other drivers do not pay attention or the detours are not clear, so a collision results that causes injuries and even fatalities. When you are commuting through construction zones, be careful.

2. Traffic and accidents

Sometimes there are collisions simply because of traffic. When there are too many cars on the road and the highway gets congested, it is easy for bumper-to-bumper traffic to cause accidents. This is especially true when many cars are commuting home after work. Rush hour is a common reason for crashes. Be careful when there are many cars on the road.

3. 18-wheeler trucks

It is also common to encounter 18-wheelers when you are commuting home on the highway. Accidents involving semitrucks are particularly common for a number of reasons. In addition to the lack of visibility, many truckers are tired and driving while drowsy. When there are many commuters on the highway, collisions involving 18-wheelers may be even more likely.

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