How frequent are construction disputes?

| Dec 13, 2018 | Firm News

Having a new home built is an exciting process that involves a series of important decisions and lots of anticipation. When your new home is finally complete, the last thing you likely expect is to enter into a dispute over something that went wrong in the building process.

Unfortunately, construction disputes are an all-too-common result after new homes are complete. Homeowners may find specific defects in workmanship that they need to remedy with the builders. This situation can lead to difficult and costly legal battles, which is something you certainly want to avoid if you are building a new home. Informing yourself in advance about the potential risks and outcomes of construction disputes can help you mitigate this risk.

Frequency of construction disputes

Construction disputes happen more often than most people probably realize. These disputes often result from defects in workmanship and other issues that arise after new homeowners take possession of their houses. The disputes are so frequent, in fact, that one major homebuilder allocated $800 million over the course of just two years to deal with construction defect claims against its workmanship in new homes.

Types of construction defects

Poor workmanship can manifest in a variety of different ways, resulting in numerous construction defects that homeowners find once they move into their new dream homes. In some cases, nails pop back out of the walls throughout the house. In other cases, essential components are completely missing, such as a lack of insulation. Defects can then lead to other problems and damage to the structure. The problem can quickly grow into a nightmare.

Fortunately the law protects consumers who receive unfinished projects, improper installation and deviation from project specifications. You should not accept defects in your new home resulting from poor building practices. You can seek legal restitution for a builder’s mistakes.


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