Protecting Consumers With The OCSPA

The Ohio Consumer Sales Practice Act (OCSPA) protects consumers against unfair and deceptive sales practices. Under the Act, consumers can take legal action against certain businesses, such as construction companies and contractors, and recover both their economic damages and noneconomic damages up to $5,000 (although in certain cases this $5,000 penalty can be tripled). While this is a great resource for consumers, it can have a significant financial impact on businesses who are accused of violating the Act.

At Moyer Law Offices, LPA, we have been representing individuals and businesses in Columbus and the surrounding areas since 1981. Clients trust us to aggressively pursue their interests and protect their rights during legal disputes.

Personal Attention, Skilled Representation

We are a small firm, but we have big experience. Attorney Steve Moyer is a skilled litigator. When you hire us, you will work directly with him during every stage of your case.

If you are an individual consumer, we will dedicate our efforts to getting you the most compensation possible under the Act, so you can repair the harm that has been done to you. In some cases, we may be able to recover attorneys’ fees, so bringing your case will cost you nothing.

If you are a business, we will focus on minimizing your financial liability. We work hard to have cases dismissed in full. We also take advantage of the “cure” provision offered by the Act.

A “cure” is a settlement offer made to the consumer and acts as a safeguard for the business. If the consumer rejects the offer, pursues the claim, and is not awarded a greater amount, your business cannot be held liable for court costs, lawyers’ fees or treble damages.

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