Protecting Your Rights During Probate Litigation

When an individual passes away, his or her estate goes through probate. During probate, the deceased’s property is gathered, their creditors paid and their assets distributed to trusts or heirs. Unfortunately, it is common for disputes to arise.

At Moyer Law Offices, LPA, we have been representing individual heirs, beneficiaries, trustees and personal representatives during probate litigation since 1981. Our estate litigation experience includes:

Will contests: Disputes often arise over how to interpret a will’s terms, or over whether a will is valid. Grounds to challenge a will’s validity include:

  • Lack of testamentary capacity
  • Undue influence, coercion or duress
  • Fraud or forgery
  • The will is improperly witnessed or unsigned

Trust disputes: Trustees are tasked with protecting and administering trust assets for the benefit of the trust’s beneficiaries. Disputes often arise over whether the trustee is following the terms of the trust or treating beneficiaries fairly, and allegations of self-dealing may arise.

Concealment actions: If the estate believes an individual has wrongly taken possession of an estate asset, it can file a legal claim against that individual. Examples include taking property from the deceased before or after they passed away or holding money that should belong to the estate.

Our Goal During Estate Litigation? To Protect Your Interests.

Estate disputes often pit family members against family members. At Moyer Law Offices, LPA, we understand that family dynamics play a large role in probate litigation. We are cognizant of these family relationships, but we don’t lose sight of the goal: protecting our clients’ legal and financial rights.

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